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11th March || Rotbart, Berlin

29th January || AETHER Bar, Berlin

22nd December || Elixiba

15th December || Solbar, Maroochydore

2nd December || Kindl Stuben Feature Artist, Berlin

25th November || House Concert, Arnstadt

25th November || House Concert, Erfurt

24th November || House Concert, Erfurt

23rd November || House Concert , Berlin

17th November || Jurten Sessions, Berlin

4th April || Private House Concert, Berlin

25 March || Herr Lindemann's, Berlin

17th March || Saarbach Galerie Kulturcafe, Berlin

24th February || Private House Concert, Berlin

14th January || Maleny Artisan Market, Sunshine Coast


31st December || Peregian Beach Hotel, Sunshine Coast

18th December || Sofar Sounds, Gold Coast

14th December || Private House Concert, Hervey Bay

8th December || Private House Concert, Berlin

22nd October || Private House Concert, Berlin

23rd September || Brauhaus Neulich

Tuesday 18th July || Prachtwerk, Berlin 

14th July  || Wrangel87, Berlin

21st June || Prachtwerk, Berlin 

4-5th June || Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin

5th May || Amo's Cafe and Bar, Berlin

4th May || Lagari, Berlin

 5th April || Bar Bobu, Berlin 

5th March || Sarah's Unplugged, Sunshine Coast

12th March || Sunday Folk Event, Nambour

10th February || Renae's Pantry, Palmwoods

11th February || Mykie's by the Bay, Sunshine Coast

26th February || Peregian Beach Hotel, Peregian

4th February || Solbar, Maroochydore

25th January || Babushka Bar, Ballarat

27th January || 321 Cider, Learmonth


7th December || Bar Bobu, Berlin

5th December || Private House Concert, Berlin

23rd November || Bar Bobu, Berlin

18th August || Edinburgh Fringe Festival Busking

27th June || Arcanoa, Berlin

30th January || Full Moon Cafe, Kathmandu

29th January || House of Music, Kathmandu

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Brea is unable to tour or perform. However, you can visit her Facebook or Instagram page to find out when she'll be performing online.

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